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Welcome to The Painted Parrot Toy Shop!

Welcome to The Painted Parrot Toy Shop!
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Here at The Painted Parrot Toy Shop you can find toys and supplies for all your feathered friends! Toys are essential for the physical and emotional well being of your pet parrot. Toys provide unlimited opportunities for physical exercise, and assist in intellectual development. Toys are also a great outlet for your birds natural instincts!

Please let me know what other types of toys you would like available on this page!

New products will be added regularly. All prices are in Australian dollars.

The safety of your parrot is important! - Please make sure you read the safety information link on the left side of this page.

Bird Toy Categories

Bird toys are categorised according to bird size/type. To help you select appropriate toys for your parrot please look at the bird size categories below. Of course if you are still unsure you can contact me via email or phone.

Extra Small Birds

Extra small birds include budgies, lovebirds, parakeets and other similar sized birds.

Small Birds

Small birds include cockatiels and small conures such as the green cheek conure or maroon bellied conure and any other similar sized birds.
Medium Birds

Medium birds include larger conures such as the sun or nayday conures, rainbow/red collared lorikeets and similar sized birds.
Large Birds

Large birds include eclectus parrots, galahs, little corellas, african greys and other similar sized birds.
Extra Large Birds

Extra Large Birds includes the larger macaws like blue and gold, scarlets, Larger cockatoos, like the sulfur crested, long billed corella, black cockatoo and other similar sized birds.

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